Welcome to AQUAEXCEL2020

AQUAEXCEL2020, a Horizon 2020 research infrastructure project, supported the sustainable growth of the aquaculture sector in Europe. AQUAEXCEL2020 comprised of leading European aquaculture research facilities that work towards advanced integration and standardisation of tools for aquaculture research. AQUAEXCEL2020 offered services tailored to the needs of the European aquaculture community, supported and conducted world-class aquaculture research.

AQUAEXCEL3.0, launched in November 2020, builds on AQUAEXCEL(FP7) and AQUAEXCEL2020, and aims to further ensure research is aligned with industry needs, to boost the EU aquaculture sector by expanding the Transnational Access programme, and to develop new tools to keep pace with rapid scientific development and add value to existing tools and resources to benefit all users. Click here to visit the AQUAEXCEL3.0 website.