Different application strategies of salmon gonadoliberin analogue (sGnRHa) to improve sperm quality in outdoor pond system reared pikeperch (Sander lucioperca)

Image of lab work


The TNA project PIKEPERCHSPERM has been progressing in NAIK (Nemzeti Agrárkutatási és Innovációs Központ), Hungary, over the past few months. Entitled “Different application strategies of salmon gonadoliberin analogue (sGnRHa) to improve sperm quality in outdoor pond system reared pikeperch (Sander lucioperca)”, the project is being performed at the NAIK-SDC installation. Project leader Dr Mustafa Erkan Özgür (Malatya Turgut Özal University, Turkey) and Dr Selim Erdoğan (İnönü University, Turkey) are working with NAIK staff to evaluate pikeperch sperm quality obtained off-seasonally, six months prior to the natural spawning season. This might be the earliest report of pikeperch spermiation in outdoor reared broodstock, and results could provide new insights into pikeperch reproductive biology.


Images from experiement

Transferring fish from outdoor ponds to indoor ponds.



image of lab work

The analysis of sperm cell kinematics by CASA system


image of lab work

Preparing samples for semen plasma ions


Project Leader (LAV): Mustafa Erkan Özgür, PhD


Malatya Turgut Özal University, Faculty of Fishery, Department of Aquaculture, Turkey


Project Co-Applicant (CAV)

Selim Erdoğan, PhD


İnönü University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Malatya, Turkey


Project Co-Applicant (CAE)

Uros Ljubobratovic, PhD


NAIK-SDC, National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre, Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (NARIK-HAKI), Szarvas, Hungary


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