Apply now for the FREE AQUAEXCEL2020 training course “Laboratory Animal Science for Aquatic Research Facilities”

lab course

Applications are now being accepted for the AQUAEXCEL2020 training course entitled “Laboratory Animal Science for Aquatic Research Facilities”. This is a free face-to-face training course provided by the Institute of Marine Research (Bergen, Norway) in collaboration with other AQUAEXCEL2020 partners.

The course will take place at IMR, Bergen (Norway) between 17-21 June 2019. This course is designed for aquaculture researchers, students and aquaculture industry stakeholders working directly with animals and will include lectures, practical exercises and field visits to experimental facilities. There will also be an industry mini-seminar entitled “From Laboratory to Industry”, taking place at the IMR Matre research station.

For more information please check >> Face-to-Face Training Course: Laboratory Animal Science for Aquatic Research Facilities. Application deadline - 8 April 2019

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