AQUAEXCEL2020 ExCom and IRAP Meetings Take Place

Image from IRAP meeting


The AQUAEXCEL2020 ExCom and IRAP meetings that were due to take place in Lisbon (Portugal) took place online on 28th and 29th April, due to Covid-19.

As the project ends in October 2020, the ExCom meeting was full of interesting discussions around the actions and results of the final 6 months of the project. The partners hope to meet for the final project meeting in Cork (Ireland) in September.

The Industry and Research Advisory Panel (IRAP) meeting featured a mix of WP leaders from the project and industry stakeholders. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the OUTPUTS from the project research and from the TNA programme to decide which have the most relevance and highest impact for the aquaculture industry in Europe. There were a lot of interesting discussions and it was great to see the varied and impactful research being conducted through the project. AquaTT will now work with these OUTPUT owners to develop Innovative Project Catalogues and discuss plans for a brokerage event to present the research. To see previous Innovative Output Catalogues visit:

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