AQUAEXCEL2020 Outputs Available Online


The AQUAEXCEL2020 project ran for 5 years, until December 2020. Many exciting outputs have resulted from the hard work of researchers in the project and those who participated in the project’s TNA programme (more information here).

In order to showcase a selection of the outputs that were selected by the project’s Industry and Research Advisory Panel as having potential for impact on the aquaculture industry, a series of Innovative Output Catalogues (IOCs) were created. These catalogues cover topics including health and welfare, technological innovations, feed and nutrition, behaviour monitoring and modelling, genetics, and management protocols. The IOCs are easy to read 2 page flyers that summarise the knowledge need, methodology, results, end-users, potential impact, current status and contact details of at least one researcher involved. There are currently 24 IOCs available to download on the website, with more to be added soon. Visit the Innovative Output section here

In addition, several videos of these outputs have also been created. In these videos the researchers present a summary of their output in less than 8 minutes. These videos present lots of interesting information about the outputs including who the relevant end-users are. More videos will be uploaded over the coming days. You will find these videos in the VIDEOS section here.

You will also find plenty of other great outputs on the project website, including publications, a virtual laboratory, and the DigitalFish Repository.

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