Virtual laboratory workshop


Register now to attend the AQUAEXCEL2020 workshop on using the virtual laboratory designed during the project. The virtual laboratory can simulate experiments with fish and receive data on expected growth and water quality. Based on numerical modelling, it allows in silico testing of experimental protocols with a user-friendly interface, prior to their practical application. The overall goal of the virtual laboratory is to assist in optimizing the use of experimental resources and improve experimental design and test power.

The workshop will present the use of the virtual laboratory as tool in aquaculture, gather feedback on the current solution and discuss ways forward.

The workshop will take place on Thursday 3 December, 13:00-15:00 (CET).

You are invited to register in advance by emailing with your name and contact details, but participants are also welcome to join on the day.

For more information and the agenda, please view the flyer here. 

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