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  • Videos

    Picture of video

    A new video demonstrating how AEFishBIT works from Xènia Pérez Sitjà can be accessed on Vimeo here.

    FishBIT screenshot

    A demo of FishBIT from Xènia Pérez Sitjà can be accessed on Vimeo here.


    Click to watch video

    Click the link above to learn about SINTEF ACE facilities and some of the great TNA projects that were carried out during AQUAEXCEL2020. These facilities will be available for access in AQUAEXCEL3.0.


    image of video

    Click the link above to watch LSAqua protein source for rainbow trout diets. This presentation was given by AQUAEXCEL2020 TNA user Paula Solé Jiménez (LSAqua) at the co-organised AQUAEXCEL2020 / EATiP webinar Aquafeed of the Future on 30 October 2020. 

    image of video

    Click the link above to watch a presentation by Asko Ristolainen from Tallinn University of Technology, discussing novel sensors to measure distributed flow in aquaculture sea cages.

    image of video

    Click the link above to watch a presentation by Orestis Stavrakidis-Zachou from the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, discussing the effects of transfer from cages to tanks on European sea bass. 

    image of video

    Click the link above to watch a presentation by Rosa Martinez Álvarez-Castellanos from CTN (Marine Technological Centre), discussing the Smart System for Feeding Control (SICA) to improve the salmon feeding process. 

    image of video

    Click the link above to watch a presentation by Asko Ristolainen from Tallinn University of Technology, discussing the effects of a novel underwater robot on fish behaviour and welfare in sea cages.

    image of video

    Click the link above to watch a presentation by Panos G. Kalatzis from University of Copenhagen, discussing the use of bacteriophages as antibacterial agents in aquaculture.

    image of video

    Click the link above to watch a presentation by Trine Ytrestøyl from Nofima, discussing the development of a best practice for handling of Atlantic salmon smolts.

    image of video

    Click the link above to watch a presentation by Costas Tsigenopoulos from Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), discussing the evaluation of the genetic variability and reproduction in meagre broodstocks.


  • Repositories

    DigitalFish repository

    This repository contains data and metadata on isogenic, divergent lines or more generally well characterized fish lines (carp, sea bass, trout, and Atlantic salmon). This data comes from several sources:

    i) already published

    ii) collected through several initiatives (e.g., sequencing projects)

    iii) originated from WP7 and as a result of TNA.

    Examples of specific data included are: 

    1) from the set of INRA trout isogenic lines including from the WP7 additional phenotypic characterization and methylome analysis;

    2) from IMR and UoS salmon isogenic lines which includes, production, growth, maturity, survival,  methylome sequencing of 2-3 salmon isogenic lines and RAD sequencing studies;

    3) from WU and UOS carp isogenic lines, RAD sequencing and meiotic mapping studies;

    4) from IFREMER, sea bass data from quantitative traits measurement such as: survival, growth (weight and length), sex-ratio, muscle fat, fasting resistance, disease resistance, stress coping styles, diversity array studies.

    To access the repository please click here