Aquafeed of the Future Webinar



The Farm to Fork Strategy aims to reduce the environmental and climate impact of animal production, and to support the ongoing transition towards more sustainable livestock farming. Therefore, the European Commission will facilitate the placing on the market of sustainable and innovative feed additives. EATiP acknowledges the limitations on specific resource supplies for compound feeds. In addition to contributing to the sustainability of the sector, it is critical that alternative feed ingredients should not reduce the dietary and health attributes of the final product. The aim of this webinar is to show the potential of new ingredients for aquafeed, to highlight innovations in the use of algae, insects and single-cell proteins as promising feed ingredients and to stimulate discussions and potential project collaboration among attendants.

The forum is organised in collaboration with the EU funded project AQUAEXCEL2020. Two outputs from the AQUAEXCEL2020 TNA programme will be presented at the webinar. 

Register for the webinar and browse the full agenda here:

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